The Turkish Get-Up - A Workout

The Turkish Get-Up is, hands down, one of the best kettlebell techniques for a full-body workout.  As the name suggests, you lock out the kettlebell in an overhead press and "get up" with it (which obviously includes coming back down to the floor with it).  While one could do this technique alone just alternating arms for 10-15 minutes for their entire workout, I've added a few goodies to make this a little more dynamic.

Get Down With The Turkish Get-Up


2 Turkish Get-Ups

1 Front Squat -> Military Press

10 One-Arm Swings


(3-5 ROUNDS)

It's as easy as that.  As a note, I would recommend getting training for ALL of these movements, but especially the Turkish Get-Up.  It's very easy to do wrong, and even the best of the best spend YEARS getting it right and still slip up on occasion.


I love keeping workouts simple and effective.  You could add many more steps to this, but I'd argue this pretty much addresses everything from core strength, to arm strength, to a little bit of quads/hamstrings.