Strong minds create strong bodies

I can tailor a massage experience specific to your needs, and to meet your therapeutic, exercise recovery, and rehabilitative goals.

For a long time, and mostly still today, strength training has been seen as a separate and totally different approach to improving one's body than natural healing.  It is imperative that this changes or we will have very strong people with weak minds, and vice versa.  By combining the raw explosive power and mobility gained through strength training with kettlebells, and awakening the pure internal energy of the body through massage therapy, chinese medicine, and acupressure points, the body can be transformed into a conduit of strength in the most profound meaning of the phrase.



New Mexico LMT #8536

Natural Therapeutics Specialist (NTS)

My location is Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Mountains and expansive landscapes echo the very nature of The Iron Road: Possibilities. 

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